Africa Mythology A-Z second editions (gods)

Africa Mythology A-Z second editions (gods)


The first impression one get of Africa is its size. Africa is the world’s second largest 8 continent in are a (after Asia).

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Africa Mythology A-Z second editions (gods)

Africa Mythology A-Z second editions (gods)

The first impression one get of Africa is its size. Africa is the world’s second largest 8 continent in are a (after Asia).Africa Mythology A-Z second editions (gods)

The continent spans about 5,000 miles from north to south android about 4,600 miles from east to west at its widest part in the north.

The geography of Africa is as varied as one might expect in such an immense area.

Strips of fertile land at northern and southern extremes of the continent gradually fade into the vast reaches of the Sahara Desert in the north and the smaller Kala hari Deserts I in the south.

Narrow bands of brush and scrub forest and grasslands border the deserts.

Tall mountains—many of which are extinct volcanoes—tower over the rolling, grassy savannas.

Broad and powerful rivers cut across the continent, making their way to the sea. In the center of Africa is a great equatorial rain forest.

Wherever the land was capable of supporting human life, people settled.

They developed agriculture and animal husbandry, learned metalworking, founded cities, and built empires.

To refer to “Africans” or “African culture” as if the inhabitants of this enormous continent represent one people is an error.

People’s ways of life, religions, traditions, and mythologies vary greatly from region to region and even from one tribe to a neighboring tribe.

Wherever they lived, Africans developed lifestyles, worldviews, religions, traditions, and mythologies that were as different from one another as their physical environments.

Also because of its size, outside influences on Africa varied from place to place.

The great civilization of ancient Egypt dominated other cultures that developed along the Nile River. Peoples on the Red Sea coast were influenced by the peoples of southern Arabia across the sea.

North Africa, which borders the Mediterranean Sea, is just eight miles across the Strait of Gibraltar from Europe.

It was settled by the ancient Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, and Arabs, all of whom exerted their own influences on North African culture, traditions, and mythologies. Central Africa, south of the Sahara, remained uninfluenced by outside civilizations for millennia.

Its peoples developed their own unique religions, worldviews, and mythologies.

Humans use mythology and ritual to establish a sense of community, identity, and an understanding of their place in the universe


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